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Elderly care in the home

Elderly care in the home is a simpler, more compassionate approach to care.

At 365Care, we provide a live-in caregiver who offers your loved one the physical, medical and behavioral support they need – all the while staying with them, in the place they call home.

Whether your loved one needs a lot of support or just a little looking after, we offer flexible, cost-effective, 24-hour elderly care tailored especially to them.

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We pride ourselves on offering convenient elderly care that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Your loved one gets to stay in the home they’ve always known. You have peace of mind knowing they have a better class of care, as well as an affordable alternative to a residential home.

Discover a better class of care

Of all the qualified carers who come to us, we have a rigorous recruitment process that ensures that only the best staff who share our values are hired.

This means we never accept anyone but the very best to look after those most important to you. And because we get to know your loved one before matching them up, we’ve a great track record of finding someone who becomes like family.

Discover an affordable alternative

Whether you’re looking for a few hours of care a day or non-stop support, live-in care is still one of the most cost-effective.

At 365Care, we also have attractive weekly rates for your care. There are no hidden fees for weekends, bank holidays or night-times, and you’ll never be caught out by the escalating cost of a few hours here and there.

Frequently asked questions

Live-in care is a type of home care, in which the caregiver takes up residence in the recipient’s home, and offers behavioural, medical or physical support around the clock. That’s what we specialise in at 365 Care, and it means your loved one is able to keep living as they always have done.

Take a look at our ‘Elderly care at home: what is it?’ page for more detail on how it works.

They do. All our carers are highly experienced in dealing with a wide variety of issues, from physical to behavioural, and are well placed to look after your loved one if they get confused or worked up.

You may, however, want to consider an alternative if your loved one’s needs are more pronounced. In the interests of your loved one’s safety, more severe behavioural issues may be better managed in a tailored environment, such as a nursing home.

If you’d like to learn a little more, visit our ‘Dealing with behaviour problems’ page.

Live-in care is just one type of elderly care, but there are a number of others available.

The most popular alternatives are visiting home care (for those who only need a couple of hours of care here and there) and residential homes (for those with more significant needs). There are also a number of assisted living schemes, which act as a combination of both.

You can find out more about the variety available to you on our ‘What are the different types of elderly care?’ page.

Put simply, elderly care at home takes place in the elderly person’s home, while residential care means they need to relocate.

But this has a knock-on effect on other aspects of their lives. Your loved one may not get to eat when they want to, or socialise in the same way they’ve always enjoyed. And this can, in turn, affect their long-term wellbeing.

We take a closer a look at residential care – and why you might look elsewhere – on our ‘What are the alternatives to a care home?’ page.

Quite the opposite. A live-in carer is a great way to make sure your loved one not only keeps doing what they love, but finds it easier than ever to do just that.

Live-in care provides the independence they’ve always enjoyed, and looks to remind them that those beliefs about getting old – you’ll need to slow down, you’ll get stuck in a rut and so on – are just myths.

We’ve broken down these myths on our ‘10 Misconceptions about Ageing’ page, and explored why they needn’t get in your way.

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